Setting and House Rules

House Rules


Spell casters receive all Magic item feats for free


All skills are considered class Skills for any class

Spellcraft can be used to identify Magic items
the DC for such a check is as follows
Dc 10, Identify that an item is Magical
Dc 10+ the item’s level, Identify the Magic item (as per identify spell)
DC 20+ the items level, Identify a Cursed magic item for what it is


Until level 5 players may remake their charter as often as liked to allow to find a person prefrenace
Once level 5 is reached however, this is not allowed anymore

Instead, Players are able to do ONE of the following each time they level
Change one Feat
reallocate One level worth of skill points
Spontanise Casters may change 2 spells known
Ranger may change one favoured enemy
Rouges may change one of their special Abilitys

Creating A Characters

All Charters are given the following ability scores
18 16 16 14 12 10

Charters May only have Base Classes and Races from the Players Handbook
(Prestige classes, Feats and Spells may be taken from any book)

Setting Rules


Guns- Guns are most common to Crossbows, so any feat or ability that can affect crossbows affects guns (Although not both).
Dwarfs gain a +1 to hit with Firearms.
All Firearms require two hands to be reloaded.
Bullets can not be poisoned.
Bullets Deal the Same amount of Damage for Small, Medium and Large Creatures.
All firearms Have a critical miss on a 1, 2 and 3


Simple weapons
One Handed
Name Cost Damage Reload Time Critical Range Weight Dmg Type
Pistol 250gp 1d8 Standard Action x2 30ft 3 lb. Piercing
Two Handed
Musket 500gp 1d10 Full Round x2 50ft 10lb. Piercing
Martial weapons
Two Handed
Name Cost Damage Reload Time Critical Range Weight Dmg Type
Flintlock 1500gp1 2d6 Move Action 19-20×2 75ft 25lb Piercing
Blunderbuss2 2500gp1 3d12 3 Full Round x3 10ft 40lb Piercing
Cannon2 15001 4d10 4Full Round x2 200ft 250lb Bludgeoning
Exotic Weapons
Name Cost Damage Reload Time Critical Range Weight Dmg Type
Snaplock 25001 1d6 Free 18-20 x2 20ft 1 lb. Piercing
Two Handed
Wheellock 5000gp1 1d12 Free~ Full Round3 x3 50ft 50 lb. Piercing

1 these weapons are already Master worked and can’t be bought non-master worked, the price of master working an item is already inculded

2 Both Cannons and Blunderbuss take a full round to fire

3 A wheel lock can fire 5 times before the wheel needs to be reloaded. Each casing in the wheel takes one Full round, each wheel is unique to it’s gun and can’t be used on any other.

Proficiency – Barbarians, Wizards, Monks and Druids do not gain Proficiency in any Firearms.
Rouges have all one handed and light proficiencies


Gunpowder can be purchased in the following Containers

Name Cost Amount of Powder Weight Info
Large Keg 5000gp 100 Pounds 150 pounds These Kegs are too large to be Carried around by meduim huamnoids, 6ft Tall, 3ft wide
Small Keg 1250gp 15 pounds 20 pounds These Kegs are about 2ft high and 1ft in diameter
Powder Pouch 100gp 1 Pound 1 pound These are small pouches commonly used by gunners
Powder Horn 150gp 0 (Can hold one pound, but is purchased empty) 3 pounds (while empty) These pouches can be sealed to become airtight, keeping powder inside dry, Sealing or unsealing a pouch is a move action

A pound of gunpowder can fire 20 Bullets
If Gunpowder gets wet it becomes useless and worthless, there is no way to save it.
All kegs and pouches have resistance to fire 20
If 1 point of fire damage is dealt to powder it Explodes (see Below)

Gunpowder on a Character will not explode unless the follwoing occures, a character cannot resist or save against these effects

  • If he is in the area of a fire damage spell and fails his save (Eg. Fireball)(The spell must still deal enough damage to overcome the pouches fire resistance)
  • If an opponent purposely try to ignite the powder by attacking the pouches with a flaming spell or weapon, in such a case they must hit their Touch Ac +8, Even still at least enough damage must be dealt in a single attack to overcome the fire resistance and still do 1 point of damage
  • He is submerged in lava, even partially
  • He is caught on fire, however a DC:15 Reflex save to avoid the powder exploding can be made each turn in this case.

A Powder Pouch can be made magical resistant to fire for 500gp for each point of Fire resistance increase
This can only be applied to Pouches and Horns

Golden Gunpowder

This powder is more volatile than ordinary powder
All bullets fired using this powder deal a 1d8 extra damage and bypasses 5 points of hardness. It has a larger blast radius when used as an explosive. Golden Gunpower does get wet, however it drys after a mintue and can be used after. Golden gunpowder costs twice as much.
Using Golden Gunpower increases the critical failure rate of guns to 1-6

Gunpowder as a weapon- 1 pound of gun powder can be made into a Bomb A bomb takes 1 hour to make and a DC 20 Craft [firearms] failure by 5 or more results in the bomb exploding. Pre made Bombs can be bought for 250gp. A bomb must be light before it is throun. A Bomb explodes in a 10ft radius and deals 2d6 explosive damage (reflex DC 20 halves damage).
Golden gunpowder made into Bombs deal 4d6 magic explosive damage, explode in 20ft, costs three times as much and take a DC 30 check to make.

Bombs can be made with higher reflex saves, but each 1 point of reflex save adds 2 to the DC or 50gp to the base price.

Using a keg- Gunpowder still in kegs when exposed to any kind of fire explodes in a 5ft radius and deals 1d6 damage[half is explosive, half is piecing] per 2 pounds of the powder used. Golden gunpowder deals 2d6 points instead.

Wet Gunpowder

Gunpower that becomes wet, cannot be fired and becomes useless and worthless

Exposive Damage
any damage that is Explosive, ingores 20 points of hardness

Standard bullets are included free when someone purchases gunpowder
20 Bullets weighs one pound


There are numouros ways to get around beyond the standard ways


Setting and House Rules

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